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One of the best of the “old-fashioned” tavernas, here you will find REAL traditional cooking in the Skiathos style.

Taverna Anatoli is a family run taverna and prides itself on its hospitality in the old Greek manner. The food is prepared by “Mum” who uses only traditional recipes handed down through generations. They raise their own livestock to ensure that the meat is always fresh and fed on grain and not dubious hormones. The difference is noticeable in the taste and flavour of the dishes which are produced.

Taverna Anatoli has one of the best views in Skiathos, overlooking the Aegean to Skopelos Island.

It is situated to catch the cooling breezes of the north side of the island whilst shade is provided by trees and vines.

The menu consists of a vast selection of mezedes, those small and tasty treats traditionally served with wine or ouzo.

The main dishes are few but of excellent quality, and the rabbit stew is renowned throughout the island.

To find Taverna Anatoli, drive from the port, turn left at the ring road and take the first right signposted to Evangelistra Monastery. Keep straight on this road for 2 kilometres, ignoring the turn left for the monastery, and you will find the taverna right in front of you at the area known as Kalivia.


3 Responses to “TAVERNA ANATOLI”

  1. vicky
    on July 6th, 2011 2:55 am

    Υπεροχος ,οικείος ζεστός χώρος

  2. Mark
    on July 6th, 2011 2:57 am

    The staff are polite and courteous. The food is good value and well presented. It also tends to have a good vibe in the summer months.

  3. Nikos
    on July 6th, 2011 2:58 am

    We chose this restaurant on the Sunday evening of our holiday as the views of the beach were stunning and it looked very clean inside. We enjoyed a fabulous meal out on the deck while watching the sunset in a calm and peaceful environment.

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