Mini Golf, Chania, Crete – Loufa Sports Bar

Loufa Sports Bar

Sports – Mini Golf

Chania, Crete

Mini golf Loufa Sports Bar, functions from 2006 as a familial enterprise in a pleasant environment with friendly atmosphere. In our place you can select your food through our menu, enjoy your drink or your refreshment as long as your children playing.
We undertake the organisation of events, children’s party, birthday etc. For our little friends we allocate electronic games, trambolino and play area. Adults can spend pleasantly their hour playing mini golf, or using the internet. Beside us precisely functions our shop with name SAMARI with gifts and SOUVENIR.
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Traditional Products, Chania, Crete – Creta Natura

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Creta Natura
Chania, Crete, Greece
Traditional Products
Creta Natura Chania began her activity in 2007 in the St. Marina, N. Kydonias. Our objective is to present and elect the products of Crete that are unbreakable connected with the history of the island and the traditions.

Our first shop you will find it in the borders Stalos – St. Marina near to the group hotel Alexandra. Our second shop is below, in the street to Platania, opposite from the hotel group Thalassa. And our third shop is in the region of Platania at the main street.

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Old Town Chania Restaurant in Crete – Ellotia Restaurant

Taverna – Restaurant,
Chania, Crete
The owner, Mrs. Tania Avarakis, deals with cooking for 25 year with lots of love and taste.

The restaurant is accommodated in a 14th century building, an old mansion, renovated. It’s a familiar space with arches and a backyard full of trees that refer to an elder era.

Mrs. Avarakis and her son, welcome and accompany your well-cared food with a jazz, soft, relaxing music that rest you.

We recommend:

Ellotia Special Dish, Chicken with spices, Turkey with orange, Chicken with pineapple, Ellotia veal filet


New Town Chania Restaurant, Crete – Ouzythino

Ouzythino Cafe

Tavern – Restaurant

New Town, Chania, Crete

At the graphic harbour of New Town, on the wave, to a beautiful beach with view at Lazareta islands, lies the Ouzythino tavern.

Andre Ritzakis, a man with long-year experience at the food industry, has set his new restaurant in 2006. In a simple, modern environment, he offers special dishes by combing the Cretan tradition with a modern perspective in a unique way.

All his dishes are authentic traditional recipes with selective local products and home-made Cretan olive oil.

Taste unconditionally:

Fried vegetables variety

Seafood variety

Shrimps with cheese

Wrapped eggplant

Mixed Cretan salad

Snails with cream sauce

Cuttlefish filled with cheese

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New Town Chania Restaurant in Crete – Aigialos

Fish Tavern – Restaurant Aegialos

Nea Chora (New Town)

Chania, Crete

You shall find us in the middle of Papanikoli Coast, in Nea Chora (New Town) of Chania.

In a idyllic beach with view of Dazareta islands, lies since 2002 the Aegialos restaurant.

Having an expierience since 1990, we have created a modern place that is addressed to those who want to feel the magnifisent Cretan hospitality inside a clean familial environment.

Holding tight to our tradition, we offer you authentic Cretan recipies, using pure local ingredients and only virgin Cretan olive oil.
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Old Town Chania Restaurant in Crete – Myrovolos

Restaurant Myrovolos

Chania Old Town Crete

Medtiterranean Cuisine

You shall find us in Zampeliou 19 St., 20m far from the central entrance, walking towards the old harbour and 100m far from the Fountain.
Inside the old harbour of Chania, with the paved with slabs streets and the medieval buildings, lies our restaurant “Myrobolos” since 1997.
In a beautyfull Venetian building with arches of 1350ac, builded in three levels with internal gardens, reminding the elder of an old tourkish neighborhood, you shall find an oasis that will rest you and give you the pleasure to taste the magnifisent Cretan cuisine.
Our restaurant can accommodate 250 people and it is also been disposed for gatherings.
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Chania Restaurant, Crete – Petridis Restaurant

Petridis Tavern


Chania, Crete

Traditional Cretan & Greek Cuisine, Fresh Fish, Local Dishes.

Our tavern exists since 1950. For three generations now we have been taking care of your pleasure in taste.

The art of cooking is being taught from father to son with background the old harbour.

Big portions, delicious dishes, succeed each another to a menu that is characterized for its variety.

To our friend customers, we recommend:

Lobster with pasta,

Cretan pilaf,

Meat and seafood varieties

and Greek cuisine.

You will also enjoy the Petridis special salad.

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Chania Restaurant in Crete – Steki Restaurant

Steki Restaurant


Old Town Chania

Within the old town of Chania with its picturesque alleys and the atmosphere of past eras, is the restaurant.

Since 1996, we started where we built a beautiful family environment with the intention to embrace you and make you feel a member of a large Cretan family.
With respect to our tradition and authentic Cretan cuisine, offering authentic local dishes daily with the original recipes of our ancestors and traditional recipes from across Greece.

With joy we serve you fresh salads, homemade cheeses, traditional products and a wide variety of wines as well as our famous raki.

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Chania Hotels, Crete – Marika Hotel

Marika Hotel, Platanias, Chania, Crete

At the beach of Platanias, right next to the waves, with view of the island Theodorou and in a short distance from the central square of Platanias, lies the MARIKA HOTEL.
Since 1987 we have provided our services to thousand, known or not, visitors.
In a beautiful and familial environment you can enjoy your vacations and the charms of the cretan hospitality.
We also regularly organise Cretan Nights.

The rooms provide:



Completely equipped cuisine


Aircondition (cool and heat)

Comfortable Bathroom


We also provide Parking and Playground.

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Chania Restaurant in Crete – Arokaria Restaurant

Arokaria Restaurant,




& Greek Cuisine

Special Dishes, Suggestions
Don’t forget to ask for our suggestions and special local Cretan dishes:

Spited meat

Fried Lamb

Spited pork with cream sauce and mushrooms

Buon Fillet Venetian

Lamb fillet Strogkanof

Filled vegetables


Filled vine leaves


Traditional salad with chicken

Special dishes for children

On the main street of Platanias, in a short distance from the square, lies the restaurant “AROKARIA”.In a beautiful garden, with touches of traditional architecture that tie up harmonically with the rich natural environment, we have accommodatet, since 1991 till today, thousands of visitors, known or not.

Staying faithful to the authentic Cretan cuisine, we offer our visitors the joy to taste traditional dishes given with a modern perception, emphasizing to the authentic tastes and pure local products.

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