La Scala Restaurant Hersonissos

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Το εστιατόριο LA SCALA RESTAURANT λειτουργεί από τον Απρίλιο μέχρι τα τέλη Οκτωβρίου στην πανέμορφη χερσόνησο της Κρήτης..

Οι εγκαταστάσεις του εστιατορίου είναι υπερσύγχρονες και αποτελούν υπόδειγμα για την εξασφαλισμένη και εγγυημένη ικανοποίηση του πελάτη.

Στο LA SCALA RESTAURANT μπορεί κανείς να απολαύσει Ιταλικό φαγητό που είναι και η σπεσιαλιτέ μας καθώς και επίσης και πιάτα από την μεσογειακή και ελληνική κουζίνα.

Όλα τα υλικά από τα οποία δημιουργούνται τα πιάτα μας αλλά κ τα κρεατικα μας είναι πάντα ολόφρεσκα προϊόντα της ντόπιας αγοράς.

Έτσι λοιπόν ο πελάτης μπορεί στο πολύ άνετο και εκλεπτυσμένο χώρο μας να απολαύσει γαστρονομικά αριστουργήματα με την απόλυτη φροντίδα του σεφ μας καθώς αγναντεύει την ατελείωτη θεά που απλώνεται μπροστά στο κρητικό πέλαγος.



Votsalo Restaurant Hersonissos

n the heart of the creta we meet votsalo restaurant, housed and operated in a
stately mansion that was building at (1918) traditional Greek architecture.

In a perfectly romantic atmosphere you can enjoy the creations of Greek dishes – International – Mediterranean cuisine,

consisting of the freshest and purest ingredients as well as meats
We are always caused fresh and from the local Greek market.

The friendly reception and hospitality votsalo restaurant is sure to make your stay in
Our restaurant is unforgettable.

You will also find a wide selection of fine wines that can accompany impeccably
your food.


The address is able to guarantee an unforgettable culinary experience combining low prices and high
quality meals.

Chania Restaurant, Crete – Petridis Restaurant

Petridis Tavern


Chania, Crete

Traditional Cretan & Greek Cuisine, Fresh Fish, Local Dishes.

Our tavern exists since 1950. For three generations now we have been taking care of your pleasure in taste.

The art of cooking is being taught from father to son with background the old harbour.

Big portions, delicious dishes, succeed each another to a menu that is characterized for its variety.

To our friend customers, we recommend:

Lobster with pasta,

Cretan pilaf,

Meat and seafood varieties

and Greek cuisine.

You will also enjoy the Petridis special salad.

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Chania Restaurant in Crete – Steki Restaurant

Steki Restaurant


Old Town Chania

Within the old town of Chania with its picturesque alleys and the atmosphere of past eras, is the restaurant.

Since 1996, we started where we built a beautiful family environment with the intention to embrace you and make you feel a member of a large Cretan family.
With respect to our tradition and authentic Cretan cuisine, offering authentic local dishes daily with the original recipes of our ancestors and traditional recipes from across Greece.

With joy we serve you fresh salads, homemade cheeses, traditional products and a wide variety of wines as well as our famous raki.

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