Mike’s Rent a Car, Georgioupolis, Chania

Mike’s Rent a Car, Georgioupolis, Chania.

Krystalia, Mike, Andrew, Sofia, Xrysoula, Nick and Astrit are ready to serve you all 24 hours of the day with friendliness and speed and deliver to your space the car that shall feet to your needs as to enjoy your rides with comfort and security.
Our business was founded in 1990 at Georgioupolis. Georgioupolis is a coastal village that has evolved into a modern touristic resort.

It is located in the middle of the two prefectures, Chania and Rethymno. It’s builded on a green area with natural beauty from where you can visit other areas that are distinguished also by their natural beauty. At the magnificent 6km beach that river Almyros is poured, you can spend lovely times of insouciance and calm. It’s a beach of bright colours and cheerful challenges. Tanned bodies enjoy the Mediterranean sun, solitary couples enjoy the sunset over the sea.

It’s one of the most famous destinations in Crete and lies at the Northwest side of the island, at the Almyros bay, between Chania and Rehtymno. The visitor can see all the geological characteristics of the island (that is mountain, river, and lake, sea and plain) gathered in a small area.

A place of incomparable beauty. That’s Georgioupolis where every summer the sum of its residence is dedicated into the service of the visitors.

The above prices include:

- No limit for the ridden kilometres
- Insurance that covers for:

  • Material damages
  • Physical damages of third person
  • Physical damages of the driver and the passengers
  • Steal or fire on the car
  • Fracture of windows

- Child’s seats
- Map of Crete
- Free delivery and receipt from the local hotels
(At the airports and harbors of the island the delivery is free only
with a 10-day notice)
- 19% Tax fee


2 Responses to “Mike’s Rent a Car, Georgioupolis, Chania”

  1. kostas
    on September 29th, 2010 6:22 am

    We took our Vacation at crete and did not want to bring a vehicle over from england (ofcourse). When we got to the port we called “Mike’s” and told them what we wanted and they came right over to pick us up. They took us back to the office to fill out he paperwork and we got the car of our choice and we were on our way. When we took the car back we drove to the office, finished the paper work and they delivered us to wherever we wanted to go. Couldn’t have been more convenient or easy. I will use them again and again.

  2. Chris
    on September 29th, 2010 6:28 am

    Mike’s has excellent taste in cars, with exceptional and friendly customer service. Their primary market is local mileage renters. Their competition is not really intended to be the other big companies, but mom-and-pop used-car rental shops.

    Keeping that in mind enables a better understanding of why mikes is good for specific things. Like everybody else, their cars are brand-new. They offer unlimited mileage, and good service, and if ur on vacation well thats all u want really! So choose them like i did, they are proffesionals and friendly at the same time, just like most cretans i met.

    I havent tried them for super long distance milage to check their eventual quality or assurances but heck, ur on vacation, u will probably use less of the car than i did that used it for 3 weeks everyday for 20 kms the least.

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