Coliseum Restaurant in Pefkos Rhodes

Coliseum Restaurant in Pefkos Rhodes
Pefkos Rhodes Realestate
For your daytime leisure, soak up the sun and cool down with a swim in our pool, or enjoy the bubbles of our jaccuzzi. Relax with a snack from our bar or take in the sunset whilst sipping a sundowner.

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Rhodes • Rhodes New Town • Dodecanese • Greek islands • Greece

Visit Rhodes Island, Greece, Dodecanese

RHODES The dearly beloved nymph of God “Helios (which means Sun in Greek) with its diamond shape and glamour is the largest in size island of the Dodecanese (1.412 sq. km). Heliousa, rich with myths and restless history is surrounded by small islands and rocky un-inhabited islands that are shyly trying to steal from her beauty .

37% of the island is covered with rich forests and natural water fountains, like the ones in the valley with the Butterflies and the Seven Fountains.

Its excellent road network, together with the sea and air transportation, will lead you to uncountable sightseeing and to beautiful and unique beaches of the island.

The sport lovers will find here a paradise on earth for activities such as swimming, fishing, water skiing, windsurfing and sailing.

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Euroktimatiki real estate agency in Rhodes

Euroktimatiki real estate agency

Real estate services in Rhodes

Profile:Euroktimatiki is a full service real estate company that offers expertise through all the phases of a property acquiring.Euroktimatiki today consists of trust worthy cooperators, architects, surveyors, legal consultant, notary publics, accountants as well as experienced civil engineers that if needed will help you with all the practical details.It is able to give you special offers and proposals for the property that suits you. It has a wide selection of modern apartments, villas, old traditional stone houses, renovated old houses, hotels and plots with panoramic view near the sea or not, all available on purchase. All these at very good prices.Its experienced personnel is always ready to prove the high standards of services, which it is able to offer to all of its cooperators.

Browsing Euroktimatiki’s site, you will find properties that are carefully selected, situated on the most beautiful areas of the island of Rhodes. In case you need more information it will happily respond to your questions and requests.

It offers a virtual apartment viewing system service. Virtual apartment is a high resolution satellite image-based real estate listing service that enables potential tenants to view apartment listings and surrounding environs located all over the Greece, from its offices.

At Euroktimatiki, you will find the highest level of customer service through honesty, integrity, professionalism and consistency.

Its management and team aim to continually evolve by researching future property market trends, understanding and utilising current technology and continually upgrading its systems and procedures to suit the needs of its clients.

Euroktimatiki real estate will always strive to obtain the best price and disclose all facts that might affect or influence its clients decisions. It will continue to grow while exercising practices that meet the highest ethical and usiness standards.

Buy a house in Rhodes(or Rodos)

For a foreigner, buying a home, searching for property, or find property for sale in Greece can be a lengthy bureaucratic procedure. Our office and our collaborators will assist you in any of these steps, providing all the necessary advise.The island of Rhodes is situated in the south of Greece, meaning that the sun and sea can be enjoyed for the greater part of the year. One of the largest and most appealing islands in the country, Rhodes “has it all”: spectacular natural phenomena such as the Valley of Butterflies, unique archaeological sites and a cosmopolitan city centre bustling with activity for nightlife and shopping enthusiasts.Due to its location, Rhodes also enjoys special rates and discounts for a number of items. Despite its modern amenities, the island maintains a serene lifestyle and this is evident in the laid-back hospitality of the locals. You will be sure to find a local feast in one of the many villages, and don’t be surprised if when passing by a traditional coffee shop you are invited in for a Greek coffee and a game of backgammon.The medieval town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a stroll through the old town will undoubtedly bring to mind pictures of ages long past, with knights, castles and fortresses that most people have seen only in history books and the movies. Let’s not forget that Rhodes was home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, none other than the Colossus of Rhodes.

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