Pegasus hotel Samos

Pegasus hotel Samos

Hotels in Samos

Profile:Hotel Pegasus (2 stars category) is situated in a quiet neighborhood
at the principal resort of Samos, the village of Pythagorio. Built with the traditional architecture of the Aegean islands it consists of 25 rooms
with balcony or terrace and other facilities.

Accommodation in Samos | Hotel facilities

Traditional rooms with either balcony or terrace, bathroom, air-conditioning, safe box, music, telephone, mini bar and tv.Bar – Balcony – Terrace – Air Condition – Fridge
Next Beach: 100m. – Airport: 1.5 klm
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Hotel Margaritari in Naxos

Hotels in Naxos

Profile:Hotel Margaritari is located in Agia Anna on the island of Naxos. Built on a beautiful location with regard to the Cycladic tradition, designed with care and style.

The unlimited view of the sea captivates you.

Hotel Margaritari has 5 apartments for family needs and 9 studios. All equipped with A/C, fully equipped kitchenette, TV, phone, hair dryer, hot water available 24 hours and panoramic view. It also has a parking area.

Accommodation in Naxos

Hotel “MARGARITARI” is situated in Agia Anna. of Naxos, 400m from the beautiful beach of Agia Anna. Having opened for one year, the hotel with a panoramic view to the sea, fully equipped with friendly and relaxed atmosphere, offers you a pleasant and unforgetable stay.
Hotels and accommodation in Naxos | Hotel Margaritari offers a unique view to the sea. Hotel room's unlimited view of the sea captivates you

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Greek restaurant | Γαστρονομικός τουρισμός στην Ελλάδα

Ελληνικός γαστρονομικός τουρισμός

Greek restaurant | Εστιατόρια και προτάσεις διασκέδασης στην Ελλάδα

Η γαστρονομία και τα εστιατόρια είναι, όπως καταλαβαίνετε, το πιο υποκειμενικό θέμα που θα θίξει το greek-restaurant, ιδιαίτερα εφόσον γνωρίζουμε ότι απευθυνόμαστε σε αναγνώστες με διαφορετική
προέλευση και γαστρονομικές συνήθειες.Σε γενικές γραμμές, η κουζίνα είναι καλή σε όλα τα εστιατόρια της Ελλάδας. Από τις ταβέρνες μέχρι τα σικ εστιατόρια θα τα χάσετε με το πλήθος των επιλογών.Mπορείτε να επιλέξετε μεταξύ της Ελληνικής
κουζίνας, της διεθνούς κουζίνας αλλά και της
Ιταλικής, της Ασιατικής και της Μεξικάνικης.Ποιά είναι τα κριτήρια για την επιλογή ενός καλού εστιατορίου;Σίγουρα η ικανοποίηση του ουρανίσκου αλλά και το περιβάλλον, η ατμόσφαιρα, η υποδοχή, η ποιότητα και η τιμή. Κάναμε μια επιλογή εστιατορίων με βάση αυτά τα κριτήρια ενώ λάβαμε υπόψη μας όσα μας
είπαν οι ντόπιοι και οι θαμώνες χωρίς να παραλείψουμε και τη δική μας άποψη για εκείνα τα εστιατόρια που μας φάνηκε ότι ξεχωρίζουν και σας προτείνουμε ανεπιφύλακτα να επισκεφθείτε.Ο γαστρονομικός οδηγός greek-restaurant θα σας βοηθήσει ώστε να
μην πέσετε στην παγίδα των εστιατορίων που τιμολογούν μάλλον τη
θέα στη θάλασσα, το ηλιοβασίλεμα και το περιβάλλον από ότι το φαγητό μέσα στο πιάτο.
Θα σας ενημερώσουμε για τα εστιατόρια που θα σας περιποιηθούν και από
τα οποία θα φύγετε τόσο ευχαριστημένοι ώστε να συστήσετε το εστιατόριο στους
φίλους σας και να τους παρακινήσετε να το επισκεφτούν. Βλέπετε αυτός ο οδηγός δεν ενεργεί αλτρουιστικά, σκέπτεται κι εσάς αλλά και τη χώρα αυτή που αγαπά.

Ελληνικός γαστρονομικός τουρισμός

Στο γαστρονομικό οδηγό greek-restaurant θα βρείτε :
-θέματα νομοθασίας, ποιότητας και υγιεινής
-συνεντεύξεις και παρουσιάσεις εστιατορίων σχετικά με
Έλληνες Σεφ, πρόσωπα της αγοράς, ταβέρνες, νυκτερινά κέντρα, μπάρ, ζωντανή μουσική, εστιατόρια, franchising, catering, διανομείς-εισαγωγής
-θέματα υγιεινής διτροφής
-προτάσεις και δυμβουλές για δημιουργία μενού στα εστιατόρια

Προτάσεις διασκέδασης

Οι επιλογές διασκέδασης στην Ελλάδα διαφέρουν ανάλογα με την εποχή του χρόνου. Τον χειμώνα ο πυρήνας της διασκέδασης μεταφέρεται στο κέντρο της πόλης και το καλοκαίρι η νυχτερινή διασκέδαση μεταφέρεται στην παραλιακή λεωφόρο.Τα μεγάλα clubs, οι πίστες και τα αναρίθμητα μπαράκια κρατούν το κέφι αμείωτο μέχρι τις πρώτες πρωϊνές ώρες.Όποιο από τα παραπάνω και αν επιλέξετε είναι σίγουρο οτι θα ενθουσιαστείτε από το κέφι και την ζωντάνια της ελληνικής διασκέδασης.’Εχετε τη δυνατότητα να βρείτε :
>>Oriental bars
>>Live clubs
>>Εστιατόρια με πρόγραμμα
>>Dance clubsΕπίσης μέσα από το γαστρονομικό οδηγό greek restaurant μπορείτε να βρείτε προτάσεις για όλα τα γούστα σχετικά με το θέμα της γεύσης και πληροφορίες σχετικά με τη Μεσογειακή κουζίνα, τη Διεθνή κουζίνα, την Κινέζικη κουζίνα, τη Μεξικάνικη κουζίνα, την Ασιατική κουζίνα, την Ιταλική κουζίνα καθώς επίσης και μεζεδοπωλεία στην Αθήνα, κοτούκια ή εστιατόρια στον Πειραιά, στην Αθήνα, τη Γλυφάδα, το Κολωνάκι και την Κηφισιά.

Naxos Royal Beach Resort hotel

Naxos Royal Beach hotel

Hotels in Naxos


Island and Venetian architectural domination with hints of blue sky and sea give the NAXOS ROYAL BEACH HOTEL the glamour, the luxury and the nobility of a cycladic painting.

Built a few yards from the endless sand beach of Ag. Georgios, with the golden sand and the shallow crystal blue waters, the king and lord of Naxos seems to be gazing at the open sea, having the colour of a unique land scape by the sunset.

Accommodation in Naxos

91 luxurious and comfortable rooms, family rooms and 2 beautiful newlyweds rooms add another beautiful not to the hotel.

Equipped with central air-conditioning and heating, bathrooms, showers or jacuzzis promote the beauty of the space, hair dryers, minibars, satelite television, music, money safes, internet and telephone lines are the provided services.

All Naxos Royal Beach Resort rooms are air-conditioned and include the following hotel facilities:

private bath with a hair dryer | mini bar | TV | living room | sitting area | phone | music system | safe deposit box | balcony/veranda with marvelous sea view and mountain view | internet access

Hotels and accommodation in Naxos | Naxos Royal Beach hotel   Hotel's wonderful view at the sea
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Euroktimatiki real estate agency in Rhodes

Euroktimatiki real estate agency

Real estate services in Rhodes

Profile:Euroktimatiki is a full service real estate company that offers expertise through all the phases of a property acquiring.Euroktimatiki today consists of trust worthy cooperators, architects, surveyors, legal consultant, notary publics, accountants as well as experienced civil engineers that if needed will help you with all the practical details.It is able to give you special offers and proposals for the property that suits you. It has a wide selection of modern apartments, villas, old traditional stone houses, renovated old houses, hotels and plots with panoramic view near the sea or not, all available on purchase. All these at very good prices.Its experienced personnel is always ready to prove the high standards of services, which it is able to offer to all of its cooperators.

Browsing Euroktimatiki’s site, you will find properties that are carefully selected, situated on the most beautiful areas of the island of Rhodes. In case you need more information it will happily respond to your questions and requests.

It offers a virtual apartment viewing system service. Virtual apartment is a high resolution satellite image-based real estate listing service that enables potential tenants to view apartment listings and surrounding environs located all over the Greece, from its offices.

At Euroktimatiki, you will find the highest level of customer service through honesty, integrity, professionalism and consistency.

Its management and team aim to continually evolve by researching future property market trends, understanding and utilising current technology and continually upgrading its systems and procedures to suit the needs of its clients.

Euroktimatiki real estate will always strive to obtain the best price and disclose all facts that might affect or influence its clients decisions. It will continue to grow while exercising practices that meet the highest ethical and usiness standards.

Buy a house in Rhodes(or Rodos)

For a foreigner, buying a home, searching for property, or find property for sale in Greece can be a lengthy bureaucratic procedure. Our office and our collaborators will assist you in any of these steps, providing all the necessary advise.The island of Rhodes is situated in the south of Greece, meaning that the sun and sea can be enjoyed for the greater part of the year. One of the largest and most appealing islands in the country, Rhodes “has it all”: spectacular natural phenomena such as the Valley of Butterflies, unique archaeological sites and a cosmopolitan city centre bustling with activity for nightlife and shopping enthusiasts.Due to its location, Rhodes also enjoys special rates and discounts for a number of items. Despite its modern amenities, the island maintains a serene lifestyle and this is evident in the laid-back hospitality of the locals. You will be sure to find a local feast in one of the many villages, and don’t be surprised if when passing by a traditional coffee shop you are invited in for a Greek coffee and a game of backgammon.The medieval town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a stroll through the old town will undoubtedly bring to mind pictures of ages long past, with knights, castles and fortresses that most people have seen only in history books and the movies. Let’s not forget that Rhodes was home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, none other than the Colossus of Rhodes.

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Sensational house for Sale in Ialissos Rhodes Modern Detached House for Sale in Pastida Rhodes
Find the best villas for sale in Rhodes!!

Travel information guide about Athens

Hotels, restaurants and shopping in Athens

Athens, the spectacular capital city of Greece is one of the few places in the world that can boast a history of over 5000 years. The contribution of Athens to the western civilization was immense, as it was the place that some of the world’s greatest philosophers and thinkers, such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle changed the way we think and established the principles of modern day society. Furthermore, Athens is surrounded by sightseeing of international historical value. Most characteristic and one of the greatest architectural monuments of all times is the Acropolis with the magnificent Parthenon, build on top of the hill in the 5th century BC.

So it is not a fortuitous event, that visitors from around the world flood Athens each year for their holidays. It is the ideal vacation place for couples, families, friends, or even individuals.

If you prefer to be next to the sights of ancient time and experience the vibrant metropolis nightlife, then a central Athens city hotel would be ideal. Otherwise for those who would like a place near the beach, the hotels in Athens suburbs outside the city, but with a large variety of transportation hubs is an excellent choice. Finally if you plan on an island get away, hotels located around the country’s biggest port, Piraeus would be your best bet.

But which are the criteria for choosing the right hotel or lodging for accommodation in Athens?

Certainly, the surrounding space, the atmosphere, the reception, the quality and the price. We are choosing the best, bearing in mind these criteria as well as what the locals and the Internet visitors told us excluding our opinion for those hotels that we think the most of, and we recommend without doubt that you should visit them.

The tourist guide greek-tourism will help you so that you don’t fall into the trap of those hotels which charge the customer based on the circumstances, so that you can find hotels in Athens, which suit your needs.

We will inform you about the hotels that will take care of you and from which you’ll be satisfied and recommend the capital to all your friends enticing them to visit.

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Porto Naxos Hotel

Porto Naxos hotel in Naxos, the most famous summer destination of Cyclades.

Hotels in Naxos

Profile:NAXOS… Endless sandy beaches, picturesque villages with intense Cycladic color, gardens, river beds and high mountains.A stroke of brush only, a tiny piece of land, washed by the whiteblue water of the Aegean Sea.

In the inner part of the island the ancient Venetian castles, the Byzantine churches and the monasteries, the unique archaeological sites will fill the visitor with beauty.

Our hotel, Porto Naxos is located at 1 kilometer distance from Naxos Town, 2 kilometers from the Ports and the Airport and 200 meters from the beach of Aghios Georgios.

Hotel’s facilities

Large balcony | Modern bathroom | Hairdryer | Color TV | Air-conditioning | Direct dial telephone | Mini bar | Three channel music | Room Service | Disabled access | Currency Exchange | Safe deposit boxes | Credit cards accepted
| Large swimming pool | Sauna & Tennis court | Bar & Pool Bar / Snack Bar | Babysitting (upon request) | Doctor on call | Laundry Service | Mini Market
| Hair dresser | Car parking | Satellite TV Room | Gym | Souvenir shop
A general view from the pool Hotel's rooms Learn more about contact and booking details…

Finikas hotel and apartments

Finikas hotel Naxos

Hotels, studios and apartments in Naxos

Profile:Located in the bay of Angali and almost near by the sea-shore, Finikas will contribute successfully to make your vacations unique and unforgettable. The elegance and our environmentally friendly attitude are the main factors that compose the decoration of Finikas. The outstanding stone, the transparent marble and the pebble prevail all over the premises while the colors that are chosen for the main facilities and additionally for the administrative buildings are absolutely in harmony with the grandeur of nature. Hotel Finikas offers comfortable rooms including panoramic view to the sea and the swimming pool, luxurious furniture and qualitative coating with tints of opal.

Hotel’s facilities

Transport from/to Hotel | Sea view | Gymnasium
| Swimming Pool | Balcony | Children’s playground
| Jacuzzi | Veranda
| Swimming pool bar | Central heating
| Garden | Air conditioning
| Sitting room | Telephone
| TV | Satellite TV
| Music
| Internet Service | Internet access
| Breakfast | Safe box
| Restaurant | WC
| Bar | Shower
| Barbecue | Bath tub
| Parking lot | Hydro Massage
| Games | Hair dryer
| Conference Room | Refrigerator |
Reception | Credit cards | Baby Cot
| Rent a car
| Wake up service
|Baby Sitting
| Laundry
| Tumble dryer
| Ironing
| Access for disabled

It is the ideal place for those seeking relaxations . The premises respect the local architecture. Natural beauty is combined with cutting-edge technology. Its architecture blends in harmony with the local colour and the natural habitat.

Hotel's swimming pool Window's view to the sea
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Flisvos sport club and hotel beach1 Naxos

Rent a car in Naxos, Cyclades Greece.

Sport club, studios and apartments in Naxos

The hotel:

The newly designed Hotel Naxos Beach 1 is situated about 100m behind the Flisvos Sports Club and the beach.
The hotel is exclusively for the guests of the Sports Club.
Our Sportclub Hotel is located at the end of St. George Beach – only a ten minute walk away from the lively Naxos city with its nice taverns, lovely cafes and good restaurants. The Hotel was renovated in winter and spring 2000 in a traditional cycladic style. The 69 tastefully furnished rooms have all terrace or balcony, air condition, refrigerator, TV, telephone, safe and mosquitonet.
The hotel has also a new swimming-pool with poolbar and a beautiful garden. You enjoy breakfast on a our terrace with a magnificent view into the garden. our facilities we offer at the reception:
fax- und copyservice, order for taxi, appointments in restaurants, postcard and letter service, information-service, laundry, appointments for massage and phisiotherapy, car- and bike rental.

Hotel, studios and apartments in Naxos Panoramic view of the hotel
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Flisvos sport club

In 1994 we realized a dream and because of our passion for surfing , we established the Sports Club.
Since then it has been the goal of our team to offer all of our guests the best service and an unforgettable vacation.
Over the years we have developed an extensive offer of sports to fulfil your needs, like windsurfing , catamaran sailing, mountain biking, kite surfing , beach volleyball, aerobic and more.
This was made possible because of the beautiful island and the unique location of the Sports Club.

The Beach Café

The Flisvos Beach Café is situated right on the beach besides the Flisvos Sports Club. The incredible sunsets and the atmosphere will amaze you.
Our kitchen staff offers for your appetite from snacks to full course meals and several times a week there is the famous barbecue with party night.

Day Club: chill out music with the sunset and fantastic cocktails.
# Internet access in the Beach Café.
The Beach Café is the meeting place for all the windsurfers . Surfvideos from pros and participants are shown every evening. On many days we film ourselves and show the videos in the evening.

Events | Greek buffet

We prepare a delicious greek buffet for you with traditional greek music. Greek buffet – every saturday evening in the Beach Cafe!!

BBQ Chicken: souflaki und sausages on the charcoal grill and a rich variety of fresh salads.
The ultimate party with dancing until the next morning! World-famous BBQ – every Monday in the Beach Cafe!!
Surf & Turf Party: We prepare a sensational party for your! A 4×3 meter large silver screen directly on the beach will show absolute ingenious surf movies.

Did you ever lied on the beach with a Caipirinhia and best movie programme?
Surf & Turf – every wednesday in the Beach Cafe!!
Movie evening: We show you the topical surf movies and of course it is possible to lookup to yourselves, because we film!

Day club: Best chill out music with the sunset – and then: partytime!!!
Beachvolley: We organise beachvolley tournements. And you will show us what you are able to!
Internet:If you are tired of surfing on the water, go surfing the Internet. Computers will stand by for you!

Windsurfing in Naxos Watersports naxos
Kite surfing in Naxos sailinf naxos
Flisvos sport club means a lifetime experience! Don’t miss it…

Akrogiali tours rent a car in Naxos

Rent a car in Naxos, Cyclades Greece.

Rent a car Naxos

Profile:Akrogiali tours is a car rental office, offering the best services at the lowest prices!
It can serve you with luxurious cars, brand-new cars
offered in a wide range of Models.You can find cars or jeeps to rent like Daewoo, Suzuki Jimny, Hyundai Atos, Citroen picasso, Citroen C class and more.

Delivery: Free of charge – Collection: Free of charge
Airport: Free of charge – Port: Free of charge

Naxos island, the most famous summer destination. Car rentals Naxos
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